Why use a REALTOR® to purchase your home?​
We live in a fantastic age where information is only a click away. There are plenty of places to look for the home of your dreams, and you probably have a good idea of what you want or need in your future residence. Nevertheless, there are many good reasons why nearly 90% of all people who purchase homes today opt to have a real estate professional on their side.
​​Your Agent Has Extensive Knowledge Of The Current Market.

Each neighborhood and each city follows different trends. Your local agent knows which homes are up for sale in the areas you desire, and may also be able to show you neighborhoods that fit your criteria but that you may have otherwise overlooked. Most of all, an expert knows what homes are currently selling for, and can better gauge if there's wiggle room in an asking price.

You Will Probably Want To See Many Homes At Once.

It's nearly impossible to call up a seller and ask for the keys so you can take a look at a home, and it's twice as difficult to make the arrangements with multiple sellers all in one day. Because your agent has the reputation and experience of a professional, they can make the arrangements to view homes much quicker than you'd be able to alone.

Your Agent Can Help You Find Lenders Who Are Best-Suited To Your Needs.

You may have a budget in mind, but getting financing can be difficult. Your agent knows which programs are available, and which lenders are currently offering the best incentives for borrowers.

Your Agent Is A Valuable Asset During The Negotiation Process.

Buying a home is an emotional process, and a neutral third party will look out for your interests so you get the best possible deal.

Your Agent Provides An Extra Layer Of Protection During Home Evaluations And Inspections.

When you have someone representing you who knows how things should be done, they tend to happen as they should. Without representation, it's easy to be taken advantage of during the home inspection process.

When You're Ready To Close, Your Agent Can Help You Navigate The Process To Make It Easier.

There's a lot of paperwork and people involved in the closing of a home. Your agent will keep track of everyone, so it will feel like all you had to do was sign. Your new home will likely be one of the biggest investments you ever make, so it's imperative to have someone looking out for you throughout the process. Your agent will make it easier, safeguard you, and help ensure you're getting a good price. It's not so much a question of whether you need one, but rather, of whether you can afford to accept the risks of not having an agent by your side. This is why you always want to work with a REALTOR®.
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